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Want to lobby your goverment to shape up the life sciences economy? Speak up!
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TEMA: Want to lobby your goverment to shape up the life sciences economy? Speak up!
Want to lobby your goverment to shape up the life sciences economy? Speak up! hace 9 Meses, 1 Semana Karma: 0

For the last year, I have been working with an investment bank to vet scientific investments. This has been an excellent networking opportunity. Today, I met an extremely powerful and well recognized government employee who is interested in this skills gap problem in our economy. I explained many of the problems life scientists face in this economy as well as the gist of many career topics (e.g. the glut, funding, specialization, and hub cities) we have discussed on this forum. He is curious and wants to find out more about the situation. His speech and the Q&A took place before a national press audience with WSJ and Reuters taking notes. Science magazine is always publishing articles about these problems and its efforts to lobby congress about these issues. Then nothing ever happens even with the Princeton president voices her concerns. He understands the importance technology transfer has on our economy and the role scientist play in basic research which lays the foundation for economic development. I would like to refer him to Paula Stephan (GSU economist) articles on this topic. Dave, I would like to mention your name in my letter. Is that ok? This person has the power in government to make things happen. I’ll would like to get your feedback and that of the forum before writing him back. Given our conversation and my contacts, I can assure you that the letter will be read. We talked for ten minutes about the topic afterwards. I am glad to help out this forum and any scientist struggling to find employment. Please speak up. To those who doubt me, he is not a politician and presides over about 1/7 of the US economy. He is probably right behind the Secretary of Commerce and Treasury in his influence over the US economy.

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